Flea control

Is your pet scratching?
Are you struggling to control fleas?

The key to controlling fleas is to know your enemy

Get flea treatments from Crescent Vet Centre Tewkesbury

At Crescent Veterinary Centre, we are well versed on the lifecycle of fleas and know how to combat them by successfully targeting the fleas at their various life stages.

Haphazard use of inappropriate treatments is often a disappointing and frustrating waste of time and money. We can tailor a successful flea control program to suit your household. There is a confusing array of flea treatments currently available on the market with different active ingredients, different methods of application and different pet age and weight restrictions on use. We can guide you through this maze and then show you how to correctly apply the chosen treatments. The treatments we stock have a good margin of safety which means they very effectively target fleas and not your pet, so there are negligible side effects in pets if used correctly.

If your pets also regularly have tick infestations, we can select a dual acting flea and tick preparation for use on your pet.

Many of the flea control products we use are prescription only treatments. This means that before we can dispense these, your pets must be registered with our practice and under our care, and have been seen at the practice within the previous 12 months.