Out of hours emergencies

Our emergency out of hours provider is Wood Veterinary Group.

A veterinarian can be contacted there by telephone for emergency advice or treatment outside of our opening hours.

Wood Veterinary Group
125 Bristol Road

Phone:  01452 520 056 or 01452 543 990


Only you can truly judge if you feel your pet is in need of emergency treatment. However, if your pet is suffering from any of the following we would normally advise your pet be seen by a veterinary surgeon as soon as possible.

Severe bleeding
Extreme pain
Swallowed poison (including lilies in cats, rat-bait, human tablets)
Unconscious or Collapsed
Twitching or fitting/seizuring/convulsing
Loss of co-ordination
Involved in a road traffic accident or suffering from other severe physical trauma
Bloated stomach (dogs – especially large, deep chested breeds such as Great Danes, German shepherds)
Going to the litter tray and crying (cats)
Not weeing for some time (cats)
Not able to pass puppies or kittens
Severe diarrhoea