Frequently Asked Questions

Our recommendations are based on our experience, the latest clinical research and what is best for your pet. We all have pets of our own and really understand what a huge part they play in your life. As a team we have a wide range of experience and we work with you to keep your pet as fit and healthy as we can for the whole of its life.

Often the speed of reaching a correct diagnosis is essential to the well-being of your pet and we have extensive in-house diagnostics including laboratory and imaging facilities.

We have 15 minutes appointment slots (or longer) to ensure that your pet gets the best care and attention and gives us the best possible opportunity to identify what is wrong. This allows us to give you our full attention whilst keeping our prices competitive compared to those that give less time.

We feel that whilst an annual vaccination is important as a preventative against infectious diseases, the health check that accompanies it is even more important for the long-term welfare of your pet. Their health will be monitored from nose to tail and advice given to keep them in optimum condition. Any problems treated early offer the best chance of a successful outcome.

Our terms require payment in full of any treatment, medicine, operation or prescription at the time. Where someone else is either collecting your pet or medicines for you then payment must have been made beforehand or paid for at the time of collection. We accept credit/debit cards, cash and contactless payments. We also take payments over the telephone.

We will provide estimates for treatment if required but please understand that complications or unforeseen circumstances could arise which may require additional treatment and will be billed accordingly.

If your pet is insured (which we highly recommend) the responsibility of payment of fees remains with the client and you will be asked to pay for any treatment your pet receives. You will then be able to claim the fees directly from your insurer.

We are required by our governing body to ensure that all drugs that we dispense have been stored at the correct temperature even during transportation. We are therefore unable to refund any drugs that have been removed from the premises. Whilst we realise that this might be very annoying, we hope you will appreciate that it will protect you from receiving drugs that may have been damaged or stored incorrectly.

Many of the drugs we dispense can only be supplied to you if your animal is under our care. For most conditions this will mean it is necessary for the vet to examine your pet prior to prescribing a drug for the first time. After the initial consultation, should your pet require a repeat prescription, we will need 24 hours’ notice so that we can check the clinical notes and make sure we have the correct drugs available. For ongoing conditions that require continual medication, we will need to see your pet every 3-6 months for a health check.

Certain flea and worm products require your pet to have been seen by us within the last 12 months. If your pet hasn’t been seen they will need to see a vet before these products can be dispensed. You must be over 16 to collect prescriptions.